Propero’s goal is to make your organization not only highly successful, but self-sufficient using an agile methodology. Our goal is to share our expertise as effectively and quickly as possible so you can succeed quickly and remain successful long after our engagement has ended.

Agile Coaching

Agile development principles and practices can dramatically improve your organization’s productivity, but a successful transition to agile methods presents many challenges. Propero’s expertise in Scrum, XP and Lean methodologies will help you avoid these pitfalls and ensure success.  An agile coach does more than just provide agile training; an agile coach or scrum coach guides your organization through the challenges they encounter by working side by side over a period of time. Many organizations have made some initial gains with scrum or agile methodologies but need some guidance to reach the next level of effectiveness. Propero will help your organization apply the principles, practices, leadership skills, and discipline necessary to succeed.

Coaching for distributed agile and offshore agile teams

Propero has helped organizations succeed in implementing an agile approach with geographically distributed and offshore teams, including teams in India, China and Russia. Time zone and cultural differences, communication challenges, agile project management tools, and meeting facilitation all present extra challenges for a distributed agile team. Our agile experts guide you through these situations to ensure your success.

Agile Training, Scrum training, Lean and Kanban Training

Propero offers training to provide individuals, teams, and organizations with the foundation of knowledge required to succeed with agile, scrum, lean and kanban development. This is a sample of the courses we offer; we also can develop customized training and workshops to meet your specific needs.

  • The business case for lean & agile development
  • Scrum immersion: a 2-day course with hands-on workshops on Scrum methodology
  • Agile immersion: a 2-day course with hands-on workshops teaching the best of Scrum, XP and Kanban
  • Agile for distributed and offshore teams
  • Agile pitfalls and anti-patterns
  • Effective leadership and agile project management
  • Combining lean and agile practices and principles
  • Agile product management and requirements management

Process improvement and agility assessments

Whether you’re contemplating a transition to agile methodologies or well down the agile road already, an objective assessment of the organization will yield valuable insights. Propero will assess the state of your organization and create a roadmap for accomplishing your goals. If you’re just starting with agile, we will ensure you build the necessary foundation to succeed. If you are an established agile organization looking to achieve an even higher level of productivity, Propero will help you determine the next steps to take.

Agile enterprise adoption planning and consulting

An agile software team may achieve significant improvements in quality and productivity, but why limit those gains to a single team or small group of teams? To reap the full business benefits of a lean-agile approach requires a culture shift across the organization. Propero will help you effect the organizational change necessary to extend agile methodology and lean principles to your entire enterprise.