Large Scale Release Planning

Learn how Propero Solutions helped a nationwide Cable TV company conduct a large scale release planning event for 150 people across 10 teams building a single complex product: the set-top box that and back-end services that support it to deliver programming and DVR features to your home. Brad Swanson presented this along with Manny Segarra at Mile High Agile 2012.

Map Your Agile Transition Strategy

Agile Estimating 2.0

  • Download the Agile Estimating 2.0 presentation by Brad Swanson and Bj√∂rn Jensen from the 2010 Shanghai Scrum Gathering. Learn alternatives to Planning Poker that may be more effective and faster for your team.

Comparing Open Source Agile Project Management Tools:

  • Agilefant, IceScrum, Agilo, eXPlainPMT, and XPlanner. Written by Brad Swanson, Propero Solutions Principal Consultant.

Distributed & Offshore Agile Development:

7 Tips for Distributed Agile Teams

What is Kanban?:

8 Tips for Better Agile Retrospectives