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Propero Solutions worked with a team of world-class Agile coaches from Agile42, including four Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coaches, in this large-scale transition to agile practices for many teams spanning five countries in Europe and China. Brad Swanson,  Propero Solutions’ Principal Consultant, delivered training to hundreds of people, including executives, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and development team members. Brad also directly coached many developments teams in agile, Scrum, and XP practices, and management teams on lean and agile principles.

“Brad is a very passionate, professional, knowledgeable and experienced Agile and SCRUM coach. He supported me and my organization in kick starting a large Agile transformation project and his contribution to our successes so far was critical. It is very clear that Brad knows what he is talking about and he gives the confidence you need to go through with the the Agile change. I appreciated his pragmatic view on how to implement Agile in our organization and he left a great legacy that continues to grow and evolve. I can really recommend Brad for anyone wanting to implement Agile or improve their Agile skills in their organization.” — General Manager of the company’s regional development center

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Propero Solutions helped Starz Entertainment apply agile principles and practices with a team distributed between the US and Russia.

“Brad [Swanson, from Propero Solutions] was able to come in and quickly help us improve our software development processes. His solid understanding of the technical aspects of software give him a distinct advantage when it comes to applying agile techniques to a development project. He knows how to ask the right questions and is able to get things done, regardless of the obstacles he faces. His communication skills are fantastic, and his personable demeanor enables Brad to work effectively in any environment. It truly was a pleasure working with Brad and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

— Nathan Blair, Enterprise Architect at Starz Entertainment

Fortune 500 Cable TV Company

Propero provided in-depth training on agile methodologies including Scrum, XP and Lean.

“Brad Swanson [from Propero] was recently recommended through a trusted colleague as a versatile and highly experienced Agile process coach. We engaged around a week of on-site training for an existing Web development team that had just begun the process of moving from an ad-hoc Waterfall model to a lighter-weight Scrum process. Brad’s extensive expertise, professional engagement, crisp communications skills and clear passion for this material resonated strongly with this group and moved us significantly up the learning-curve. Overall, this experience was a model for effective expert consulting, and I personally look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Brad again in the future.”

— Jason Gaedtke, Group Vice President

“Honestly, it was probably the most useful two days of training I’ve ever had; I’ve found that a lot of sessions offer information which is either way too broad or narrow, the information you provided was spot on.  Even the group activities, a part which is usually painful at best, was actually fun and quite enlightening. Overall I give your session a 10 out of 10.”

— Paul Jobson, training attendee

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When Qortex adopted agile methods for it’s IT services business, it relied on Propero Solutions to lead the transition with expert training and coaching. Propero helped Qortex quickly achieve it’s goals not only within the project delivery organization, but also to extend lean and agile principles to business development and contracting.

“With training and coaching from Propero Solutions, Qortex was able to quickly align the company around agile principles and realize significant gains in productivity, project quality, customer satisfaction, and ultimately our bottom line. We were able to adopt agile development methods much faster, and achieve a high level of effectiveness more quickly than we would have without Propero’s expertise. I highly recommend Propero Solutions for their ability to help companies leverage lean and agile methods not only within development teams, but across the business as well.”  — Doug Fiore, Qortex CEO

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Propero Solutions was instrumental in aurionPro Solutions’ launch of PriorityCommerce – a joint venture software product company. Brad Swanson provided the coaching and training for the team to build a successful agile delivery approach.

“Brad played a key role in establishing the Product Development group within PriorityCommerce, an aurionPro JV. He trained and coached the development team on agile development methods while filling a key product management role at the same time. The agile methodology was highly effective and the development team delivered the product ahead of the marketing schedule, resulting in a successful product launch.”

— Samir Shah, Managing Director of US Operations at aurionPro Solutions